When we are anxious we feel tense and vigilant, as if we are facing an imminent danger! Anxiety is a natural response of our body and mind that prepares us to face threats to our well-being or self-esteem. We all experience anxiety from time to time, for example, during stressful or dangerous situations of everyday living.

However, some people experience intense anxiety that interfere in their daily activities in work, school and social interactions. Young people who struggle with anxiety disorders usually experience some of the following:

  • Have difficulties concentrating and making decisions
  • Feel restless and on-edge, as if waiting for something bad to happen soon
  • Avoid situations and places that can make them feel anxious
  • Experience distressing physical sensations, such as sweating, tensed muscles and headaches
  • Feel irritable, sad, and tired
  • Have difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep

Intense anxiety can cause a lot of distress. Fortunately, many evidence-based medical and psychological interventions are available to support people overcoming anxiety and leading a fulfilling life.