Get involved and help us make a difference!

We want to invite you to help us make a difference by participating in world-leading mental health research. In this section you will find information on research projects currently recruiting participants.


Why get involved?

You might choose to participate in scientific research for different reasons:

  • To do something interesting, new, or different.
  • To help finding better mental health treatments.
  • To learn about scientific research from World-class researchers and clinicians.
  • To learn about different mental disorders: their symptoms, causes, and available treatments.
  • To know more about ourselves and our mental health.
  • To obtain a monetary compensation for their time and contributions.


Taking part

We strongly believe that mental health calls all of us into action. Taking part advances our understanding of mental disorders and helps develop better evidence-based treatments.

Taking part in research gives me the opportunity to help with developing future treatments. It’s nice to have the hope that something positive will come out of it in the future. It is also a way to earn some money and learn about science and how the brain works

David, volunteer

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Are you are interested in participating but you can’t find a suitable project? Contact us for more information.



HARMONY is the largest international collaboration to date on the early detection of mental disorders. We seek to improve our ability prevent severe mental disorders in young people, particularly psychosis.

Who can participate? We are looking for people aged 16-40 considered to be at increased risk of mental health disorders. We are also recruiting people who do not have a history of mental illness.

How to participate? Contact us if you are interested. We will get back to you to check that you fulfill the entry requirements.

  • Duration: 6 assessment visits over a period of 2 years.
  • Location: London, United Kingdom.
  • Remuneration: £380 for completing the whole study.

More information on HARMONY

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